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A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share of our favorite mushrooms from the first week of October through the first week of December 2019 (10 weeks). 


We are so excited to be able to offer our farm-grown mushrooms after the outdoor market season is over this year! This share is 1 pound of gourmet mushrooms each week, for 10 weeks, for $16/week (20% off our regular price) plus $5 for credit card processing.


Varieties to include any mixture of the following:


Lion's Mane




What the heck is this all about?


CSA is a mutually benefical sales model that many small farms have adopted in recent years.




Basically, you get a "share" of our production, in this case 1 pound of mushrooms a week, which you pay for upfront. You receive a discount as a our way of saying thank you (!) for supporting our farm at a time of year that is generally slow. You will also receive weekly recipes, a chance to chat at pickup time with your favorite mushroom grower, and the satisfaction in knowing you are supporting local agriculture (food just tastes better when you're doing the right thing, doesn't it?)




We get your order and payment upfront, which is huge for agricultural businesses of all kinds! Being able to plan for production needs in advance (and having the cash to pay for it) are keys to success. We also get to know you: what varieties you like, how our mushrooms worked out in your favorite recipes, what you might like to try as we expand our growing operation, and what we can do to improve.


The Fine Print:


Like all CSA programs, there are risks to prepaying for agricultural products. Crop failures are very real. However, we grow in an indoor, climate controlled environment so the risks that extreme weather will damage our crop are low. We will also be mitigating our risk of crop failure by growing multiple varieties of mushrooms. If for some reason the Lion's Mane, for example, isn't looking great, we will be able to use another variety without issue. 




Isn't a pound of mushrooms, like, a lot?


We think it's the perfect amount! One pound of mushrooms is generally just right for a meal for 4 people, where mushrooms are a main ingredient. If using them in a recipe in which they are in a supporting role, one pound could easily stretch into 2-4 meals. We will be giving you a recipe each week to try, if you need inspiration for getting more mushrooms on your table.


Where do I pick up?


On Saturdays mornings either in Tawas, our farm in Spruce, Alpena, or somewhere in between. We will contact you after your purchase to find out what works best for you. Then when we have everyone's preferences we will decide if we need more than one location or not. Please bear with us, this is our first CSA and we will be working out the kinks with your patient and kind assistance!


I can't pickup my share one week, what do I do?


We can definitely hand off your share to a friend you send in your place! If that doesn't work for you, we can dry your mushrooms for you and include in the next week's pickup. Please see the Return & Refund Policy for more info.


I only want (shiitake, oyster, etc). Can you give me a pound of a specific type?


Yes, we probably can! Assuming we aren't having a production issue with your favorite type, we should be able to. Please let us know when you sign up of any preferences and we will try our darndest to make it happen.


Anyway I can not get charged the $5 credit card processing fee?


Yes! You can see us in person at the Tawas or Lincoln farmer's markets and pay with cash or a check for a total of $160.


More questions? Please shoot us an email at wanderingwindsfarm@gmail.com


Mushroom CSA Share - Fall 2019

$200.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price
  • Like most CSAs, there are no refunds for shares not picked up. We are happy to hand off your share to a friend or family member you designate, if you are unable to pickup.

    If this isn't a good option for you, we can dry your share for the week and give the dried mushrooms to you at your next week's pickup.